A Friendship Story

Two people sat in a local coffee shop: one writing, the other reading. Both were feeling alone in their worlds after personal losses. The woman, looking up from her journal, noticed the novel the man was holding was by one of her favorite authors. She asked him what he thought about the book. The man, answering, noticed her journal was full of poetry and simple drawings. He loved the writing, he said, because it was so poetic. They began talking about other things they enjoyed. That afternoon began weekly meetings in the same place at the same time. Over time, their conversations led to a deep friendship and a sense of belonging, even as their separate lives brought changes and choices. Today, still friends these many years later, both of them count that chance encounter in the coffee shop as their reawakening to the importance of close friends and to the good news that the world is full of gentle people waiting to be invited in to our lives!

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