The Power of Your Stories


Your Life Is Full of InSpiring Stories - Share Them!


InSpiritry founder Anne McCrady believes in the power of personal stories! She knows that each one of us has hundreds of experiences that, when we share them with others, can go beyond entertaining conversation to be treasured wisdom tales, compelling real life dramas and inspiring affirmations of humankindness! Like the characters in our favorite books or the people we count as heroes, each of us has faced challenges, overcome trouble, risen above adversity, and done what we thought we couldn't do. In sharing those personal memories and experiences, Anne knows we can find humor and grace, as we see how we have loved deeply, lived through loss and disappointment, grown emotionally...and lived to tell about it!

Whether they are used as personal affirmation, in spiritual settings, for corporate team building, as teaching talks, for entertainment or at family reunions, personal stories can transform listeners who connect with their own experiences and values. Anne also knows that experiences that go untold often fade into forgetfulness, and so she is committed to helping save these treasures of the heart!


Personal Stories

Stories are everywhere! With each day, month and year, we are writing the narrative of our lives. Everyone has stories to tell! As a storyteller and writer, many of Anne's InSpiritry presentations feature her own personal narratives as a way to inspire listeners to recognize, appreciate and share the treasures of their own life experiences. The act of telling others about our lives, whether as oral tellings or written down for posterity, can be profoundly inspiring!  Contact Anne about a storytelling program!  


Corporate Stories

Every organization has powerful internal stories. In Anne's InSpiritry presentations for organizations, Anne helps non-profit organizations, schools, congregations, companies and government agencies use their shared corporate history and individual personal stories as inspiration, branding, development tools, promotional content and sources of mission objectives. Contact Anne to start using your group's InSpiring stories! 


OpenWords Storytelling

Anne offers special storytelling sessions to those whose need healing and hope. OpenWords InSpiritry presentations focus on helping people recognize, appreciate and share the powerful narratives of their own troubled experiences, whether their stoires are offered as oral tellings or are written down as an act of self affirmation. For troubled adolescents, homeless individuals, families in crisis, juvenile probationers, the elderly, those with chronic disease, crime victims and anyone who feels shut out of a joyful life experience, relaxing into the acceptance of being asked to tell their stories can be transformative! Contact Anne about an OpenWords program for a group in your community!


InSpiritry Story Guides

Passionate about the importance of people sharing their personal experiences, Anne has created sets of conversational questions called Story Guides to jostle your memory, open your heart and help you to rediscover life experiences that can become entertaining and inspirational stories to share with others. Here are just some of the Story Guide topics that can lead to family legacy building and memoir writing: I'm Lost!, My Very Best Friend in the World, Scar Story, Gone Fishin', Holiday Surprise, Back on the Farm, Day at the Beach, My Most Embarrassing Moment, The Best Pet Ever, Losing a Loved One, I Nearly Died. Contact Anne about guiding your trips down memory lane!


Learning the Art of Storytelling

Everyone has stories -- and everyone can tell them! Anne McCrady has thirty years of experience teaching the art of storytelling to adults and students. During that time, she has gained a wealth of insights into finding stories, writing stories, speaking on stage and inspiring audiences.  Contact Anne to share her storytelling expertise with you!


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