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Do You Remember When...

Passionate about helping people recall and share their personal experiences, Anne has created InSpiritry Story Guides! These are insightful sets of conversational questions to jostle your memory, open your heart and help you to rediscover life experiences that can become entertaining and inspirational stories to share with others. These can also be used as writing prompts!

Soon to be a print collection for purchase from InSpiritry, here are some of the topics that can lead to family legacy building and memoir writing:

I'm Lost! Being lost, physically or emotionally, can be a terrifying experience. On the other hand, getting lost can lead to exciting adventures. Recall a time when you got lost, as a child or an adult. Spend some time trying to remember the visual details, sounds, smells and people. 

My Very Best Friend - Good friends are always a gift, but best friends are unforgettable. Recall a person with whom you have had a true friendship. Spend some time thinking about how that relationship began, progressed and maybe ended. 

Scar Story - Our bodies are the keepers of memories. Each scar has a story all its own. Consider the way your skin or even your bones remember injuries you have had. Spend some time trying to remember visual details, sounds, smells and feelings from that day. 

Gone Fishin' - Our most precious memories often involve spending time one-on-one with a beloved adult. For many, one of those moments came when someone took us fishing. Recall a fishing trip from your early life: the time of day, sunlight on water, the smells and sounds, the worm, the hook, the fish. 

Holiday Surprise - Holiday preparations and family gatherings offer a wealth of memorable moments. Think back to your childhood Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years Eve celebrations -- or to special holiday events in your adult life. Remember how you perceived things as your younger self: the lights, the smells, the gifts, the people, the excitement.

Back on the Farm - Many of us have had relatives who lived in rural communities - or we may have grown up on farms ourselves. The sights, sounds and smells of agriculture and simple living have a special place in our hearts. In returning to those memories, we often discover valuable lessons of how our family has passed down values and wisdsom.

Day at the Beach - Because vacations are so different than routine, we often remember them vividly. For many families, summer trips to the beach are among their most pleasant memories of times together. Let yourself relive your family's trip to the beach (or the mountains or a theme park). What happened that is a story waiting to be told?

My Most Embarrassing Moment - A stumble in front of an audience. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Forgetting something important. Each of us has memories of feeling foolish that still make us cringe. You can turn those into hilarious stories that remind listeners that we are all human. Recall a moment "you would like to forget" -- someone listening will have a simliar story to tell you!

The Best Pet Ever - For many children - and adults - an animal is among their most treasured friendships. Animals seem to have a sixth sense about how we feel and when we need companionship. Reach into your heart for memories of your special pet and share the stories that make you smile. 

Losing a Loved One - Not all personal stories are told for entertainment. Some are poignant or even overtly sad. Those stories offer a chance to think about what matters most and how the people we love can best be remembered. Whose loss has been an important life experience for you? What stories can keep their memory alive?

Our First ______ - Being able to afford a first purchase is often a strong memory for families. For some generations, it was a first car or a first television. These days it might be a first computer or cell phone. Think back to when your family first acquired an important addition to your home life. Consider your parents' perspective on the purchase and what it meant to them.

I Nearly Died - Household mishaps, travel accidents, illness and natural disasters offer memories ingrained in our minds through the power of adrenaline. Recall your encounters with danger or even near death experiences. Those make exciting stories of adventure and survival you can share. 

The Day I Met _________ - All of us have people whose presence in our lives was unforgettable (for good or bad). Consider the influential people you have known. Use the before and after of those important relationships to construct compelling stories.


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