InSpiritry Question for the Day


Every Conversation is a Chance to InSpire Others

Anne McCrady


Every day on FaceBook, hundreds of people enjoy Anne McCrady's InSpiritry Question for the Day! Rather than offering advice, Anne delights in seeing how the InSpiritry community comes together to inspire each other. Some of her FaceBook friends read the daily post as InSpiration for improving their lives or following their dreams. Others use the questions as writing prompts. Dozens of people answer the question in the comments as an InSpiring conversation. 

Anne's questions cover a wide range of topics. On Mondays, the questions explore self care, spirituality, the environment and global issues. Tuesday questions relate to compassion, empathy and the plight of our neighbors. On Wednesdays, Anne invites readers to consider creativity, knowledge, education and science. On Thursdays, Anne joins the tradition of Throw Back Thursdays with requests for memories and personal stories. Friday questions encourage people to recognize the beauty of their lives, to celebrate the weekend ahead and to embrace InSpired living.

Here a just a few of Anne's recent InSpiritry Questions for the Day:


Where do you like to go to be alone?

How has your spiritual life changed over time?

Who showed you how important it is to care about others?

What would you like to learn how to do?

What takes real courage?

How did you feel about school at age ten?

What were your highs and lows this week?

Who would you love to talk to on the phone?

Where are you going this weekend?

What do you remember about your grandmother's kitchen?

How would you like to help make the world better?

Where do you feel the most accepted?

When have you done something exciting?

Who shares many of your ideas?

Why do you sometimes miss the past?

What is the thing you need to be your best? 


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