Poem: Public Health Proposal


 Public Health Proposal

by Anne McCrady


What if it was in the water?
Hope, I mean,
added like fluoride
for our health.
It would be poured
into baby bottles,
mixed with formula
so that at an early age
it would become a part of us,
stored in our cells
for later.
In schools,
it would flow
from the water fountains,
leading teachers to trust students
to never give up or out.
We would bathe in it,
sprinkle it on our lawns,
cook our food with it.
Why, hopewater would be
served with every meal
like salt and pepper.
In hospitals
and nursing homes,
doctors would hang IV bags
of it mixed with medicine
whose result would be astounding.
After a while,
the lakes and ocean would be full
of it. It would rise and fall
as rain.
And every afternoon,
the sky would fill with puffs of it,
and folks would look up
and say
“There's hope!”

 From Anne's poetry collection, Under a Blameless Moon


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