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 Texas Poets Rosemary Catacalos, Naomi Shihab Nye &  Anne McCrady

  Anne McCrady in Her Writing Studio    Anne with U.S. poet Nikki Giovanni

 Robert Frost wrote that "making metaphor is the whole of thinking." 

Emily Dickinson said that poetry is "truth told slant."

Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, "poetry is the common language, heightened."

Jay Parini wrote that "poetry invites us to look beyond the literal."


Poetry, the language of the heart spoken with the wisdom of the mind, is central to InSpiritry. Award-winning poet and InSpiritry founder Anne McCrady believes that poetry, more than any other genre, writers speak directly to the reader's deepest human experience.  Because poetry inherently offers the creative combination of language art, image-making, cultural and historical allusions, dramatic expression and consideration of the human condition, Anne suggests “every poem offers a short course in the humanities; poems teach us how to be human!"

When asked about about why she loves poetry, Anne says, "Prose talks; poetry sings. Prose walks; poetry dances. Prose knocks; poetry rings."

Anne's poetry readings feature poems that spring from her love of language, and her very popular poetry workshops offer inspiring and life-affirming experiences, since she believes poetry reminds us of what it is to feel alive! Online, in print and in person, Anne celebrates the writing of others, and InSpiritry supports numerous endeavors that promote poets and the art of poetry.

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