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Every Life is an InSpirational Story - Every Story Offers InSpiration for Our Lives!

Anne McCrady


As a writer, storyteller and story facilitator, Anne McCrady inspires people to embrace their personal and professional experiences as powerful and InSpirational narratives to be shared.  Through InSpiritry, she encourages listeners and readers to live their lives as ongoing inspirational narratives still being written. Each of her story keynotes, concerts, workshops and presentations is a celebration of the human spirit!

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Storytelling Workshops & Presentations

Our Memories & the Power of the Stories They Tell

Strong Women - Our Stories, Our Strengths, Our Selves

Tell Me a Story! Why Children Need Stories

Memoir - Why You Should Save Your Family Stories

Story Culture: How to Use Your Organization's InSpiring Stories

Tell It! - How to Share the InSpirational Stories You Already Know

Family Stories - The Key to Your Nonprofit Group's Sustaining Gifts

Business & News Stories - Turning Information into InSpiration

Hero and Shero Stories - Pastors, Problem-Solvers & Peacemakers

From Page to Stage - How to Create and Tell Oral Stories


Storytelling Concerts for Adults

Stories of Strength & Spirit

Personal Stories & Family Heirlooms

East Texas Porch Stories

Global Stories of Wit & Wisdom

Personal Stories: The Path to Peace

Words for Air - Living One Breath at at Time

Mindful of Miracles - Stories that InSpire

Eureka! Discovery, Invention & Ideas

The Way It Happened - Historical Narratives

Hannukah & Holiday Stories

Christmas Carol Stories

Mindful of Miracles - Stories of Faith  

GRITS - Girls Raised In The South


Storytelling Performances for Children

Peace Tales

Autumn Stories & Songs

Holiday Stories & Songs

Wisdom Tales from Around the World

Stories of Wit & Wisdom

Texas Tales & Tunes 

Interactive Stories for Youngest Listeners


Contact Anne McCrady to book an InSpiritry storytelling concert, workshop or program!