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Every Moment is Poetic,

and Every Life is an InSpirational Story.

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Anne's Books

Anne McCrady's vivid poetry and unforgettable stories sparkle with meaningful moments to InSpire you! Her books are available from Amazon or you can contact her directly.  Find out more!

InSpiritry Peace Projects

Join Anne for Art of Peace, a ten-day celebration of the U.N. International Day of Peace, September 14-22! Find out more at!

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A Poem for Travel



Let out to explore new places,

our whole bodies become ours again.

Cloaked in the anonymity of away,

without the false adrenaline of duty

marching us forward hurried,

our knot... More »

A Wisdom Story

An aging spiritual master grew tired of his apprentice’s complaints. One morning, he sent the young man to get some salt. When the apprentice returned, the master told him to mix a handful of salt in a glass of water and then drink it. "How ... More »

Instant InSpiration

Need an uplifting perspective? Ready to take positive action? Want a quick boost of InSpiration? InSpiritry's Anne McCrady invites you to Listen!