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Anne McCrady's vivid poetry and unforgettable stories sparkle with meaningful moments to InSpire you! Her books are available from Amazon or you can contact her directly.  Find out more!

A Poem In the News

Anne's poem, "Flowers Blue," appeared this month in the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio News-Express. In vivid imagery, Anne offers a poignant moment of childhood. Here is the poem. Enj... More »

Peace Poem for Our Time

Build a Bridge


Here I stand on my side

of the raging river


of difference, of division.

There you stand on yours.


The uproar from the rush

... More »

InSpiring Speaker

Need an inspiring speaker? Anne McCrady delights audiences by Putting Words to Work for a Better World! Contact her for Booking!

Instant InSpiration

Need an uplifting perspective? Ready to take positive action? Want a quick boost of InSpiration? InSpiritry's Anne McCrady invites you to A Minute of InSpiritry Listen!