A Poem for Peacemakers



In the census of cynics

and those who wish

for wars to end or men to see

beyond their cruel greed,

do not write our names.

Say that we have always known

wishing is not enough.


Instead, count us as laborers,

public servants, people who love

struggling children into new lives,

parents who pray for the safety

of families we have never met,

people willing to pay the price

to build peace in other places.


Say that we live eager

to share a meal or a mile or smile,

that our hearts cross borders

to resist the world’s bullies.

Speak our dreams as promises

to the neighborhood of nations

that our doors will always be open.


And when the time comes

for us to answer for our actions,

explain our sacrificial choices,

tell our stories, hold our truths,

resting in the legacy of living peace

and inspired by so many others,

let us respond by asking,

What else could we do?                                 

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