Under a Blameless Moon


Under a Blameless Moon by Anne McCrady


Under a Blameless Moon was the 2007 winner of the Pudding House Chapbook Prize, a national competition that included hundreds of entries. Anne's insightful chapbook of peace and social justice poems continues to be a favorite of readers and a source of inspiration for peacemakers. In the years since its publication, Anne has become known for her many peace-related poems and the countless hours she has committed to projects for peace. Those efforts include founding an annual local celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace called Art of Peace - Tyler and publishing through InSpiritry an annual peace chapbook anthology. The poems in Under a Blameless Moon will soon become the core of a new full-length collection of poems that consider the personal, social, cultural and political aspects of peace. 

Listen as Anne reads the poems from Under a Blameless Moon


Excerpts from Under a Blameless Moon

"...haul up the bucket/of what matters most/so others can have a drink."

from the poem, "Women at the Well"

"...we need each other./Communes. Communities. Home Lands."

from the poem, "Early Morning, Thinking of Jerusalem"

"In the rubble of what was once a room,/now there will be no more brooms..."

from the poem, "No More Brooms"

"...we will eat tonight/while they dream/of going into town/to buy food."

from the poem, "Shopping for Salad"

"Let us hold the wounded in our arms and say: You can believe these things. We know. We are your mothers."

from the poem, "Sus Madres"


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