A Story of Courage


Anne met Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu at the 2007 International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas, Texas. Her InSpiring story is one of family tragedy, personal courage and passion for justice!

As a native child in Guatemala, Rigoberta experienced first hand the violence of government troops. She witnessed the kidnapping and deaths of her father and brother as well as the rape and torture of her mother who subsequently also died. Her determination to change the oppression of native peoples became a lifework as she spoke out, rallied citizens and ran as the first woman candidate for the Presidency of Guatemala. No matter what dangers she faced, Rigoberta remained committed to her people, to justice, to peace and to making her country a better place.

In 1992, she was recognized by the international community with the Nobel Peace Prize. Her presentation at the International Women's Peace Conference was a high point of the global event.

InSpired by meeting Rigoberta, Anne kept the story in her heart and has shared it often as an InSpiritry narrative of hope and courage. 

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