Bright Futures - A Story of Hope

Landlords are often given a glimpse of the hardships that families endure. The best do more than complain about late rent payments. In Harrisonville, Missouri, one such landlord was called to an apartment to fix a leak. When the mother of two children let him in, he immediately noticed there was no furniture in the home: no bed, so sofa, no chairs and no table. After making the plumbing repairs, he felt he had to do something to help the family. He knew of an organization in town that often helped families with children who needed housing or food or transportation or medical care. He called them. The staff at the agency posted the need to their member organizations. Within days, they were contacted by many people in the community who could help furnish the home. Once the furniture was gathered, kind-hearted volunteers even helped move in the items. On top of that, the landlord even stayed after all the ‘movers’ were gone to help set up and arrange the furniture. The family was thrilled to finally feel like they had a real home. The landlord didn't have to care enough to get involved. He didn't have to take the time to find assistance for the family. But he did!  Each of us are confronted every day with people who need our help. Like that landlord, will we care enough to take a risk and ask if we can help -- and then follow through? Like Bright Futures, will we take the time to connect with community groups to make a difference? When we are in need, like that family, will we open our hearts to let strangers help us? Will we see each child as a child of ours?  I hope so -- oh, I hope so!

This true story comes from Bright Futures USA, an organization that networks to use the synergy of all the resources of a community to impact the lives of children. Find out more at their website!

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