Poem to Honor MLK

      Peace Seeds


Like dandelion tufts set free,

let our dreams seed the world.

Let us release them

to be lofted on shifting winds,

carried on the coats of wolves,

flown in the feathers

of doves and, yes, hawks

to nestle in some fertile ground

to grow into a better future.

Standing atop mountains

of our sad excuses,

let us invite the truth

to chisel away the granite

faces of our prejudices,

dissolve our fears into

salt, sand, water, world.

Joined in a chorus, let us sing

our hopeful hymns on the open road,

in city centers and steamy jungles

where any hope of peace is still

a hand-to-hand proposition.

Expectant as ready children,

let our dreams leave home

to make their own choices,

while we, proud parents,

watch from the distance

of wisdom, knowing peace,

though deserving of honor,

like the next person hired

has to prove its worth

over and over again.

Anne McCrady



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