A Poem In the News

Anne's poem, "Flowers Blue," appeared in 2021 in the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio News-Express. In vivid imagery, Anne offers a poignant moment of childhood. Here is the poem. Enjoy!


Flowers Blue 


Her little wheelbarrow

massages the moss path

that invites errant children

to run away from rules.


In her cart, jungle animals

stuffed soft as hugs

rock, as she pushes them

out to play singing

songs pulled from midair.


Adorned with flowers blue

as sky, her gingham dress

brushes against her legs

in swishes that set her listening.


At yard’s edge, honeysuckle vines

hungry for a gate to hold open

become a door of leaves

and trumpets, wild, inviting.


Gathering her menagerie

in a circle of little arms,

she enters and settles beneath trees

that have waited for a child’s heart

to be needy enough to seek darkness,

the shade pooling dense and cool.


Safe in the forest of forgiveness,

she rests and lets herself dream,

despite the summer heat

and a year of trouble

fiercer than any grownup

she knows can remember.


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